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True reliability means doing more than limiting the sustained outages our industry currently tracks. Tomorrow’s grid requires tackling outages both seconds and hours long. Blinks matter because momentary outages are not only inconvenient, but they can cause critical situations.

Improving power reliability has been S&C’s priority since day one. For the 100+ years we’ve been in business, every technology we’ve developed, and every service we’ve provided, works toward achieving perfect power.

Even as the grid continues to change, reliability should never suffer. Using our unique expertise, we’re implementing long-lasting solutions and innovating toward your needs on the horizon. Through it all, we hold ourselves accountable to deliver higher quality power—power everyone can truly rely on.

Fast Facts


If you’re not prioritizing better reliability, the impacts to your business are real, and they’re keeping you from growing from the grid you have to the grid you need.

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System Performance

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Metrics On the Move: Shifting to Customer-Centric Reliability Reporting

S&C's Solutions

Self-Healing Grids

Self-healing grids are essential to improving reliability and ensuring grid stability amid these 21st century challenges.

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Energy Storage

S&C, a leader at integrating energy storage into the grid, draws on real-world expertise to ensure your energy storage project is a success.

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Communities are increasingly deploying microgrids to achieve 21st century energy goals. S&C brings significant expertise to your microgrid deployment.

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We offer a single source of comprehensive services for your distribution, transmission, and generation interconnection needs.

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Case Studies

Examples of S&C solutions helping to keep the lights on:

A Comprehensive Commitment Challenges Power Reliability’s Status Quo

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S&C Self-Healing Technology Saves ENMAX More Than 30 Million Customer Minutes

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Municipal Utility’s Grid Improves by 50% With Self-Healing Technology

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Canada’s First Utility-Scale Energy Storage System Islands Remote Town During Outages

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University Implements Smart Grid System to Minimize Power Outages

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S&C Builds Ameren a Microgrid to Study Distribution Use Cases

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S&C’s Asset Management Helps Water Utility Prevent Costly Outages

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