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6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls combine a switch control, a remote terminal unit, and a battery-management system/automation control in a single package. In addition to automatic source transfer, these controls can provide automatic sectionalization. They also can be integrated into an IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System, permitting load restoration from multiple sources.

6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls are ideal for applications where two utility sources cannot be physically brought to the same switchgear unit. The controls communicate with each other and to SCADA via radio or fiber-optics using the DNP3 protocol. A personal computer is required to configure the controls and analyze events.

6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls features:

  • Automatic sectionalizing based on factors such as overcurrent, loss of voltage, or phase unbalance
  • Data logging, including overcurrent faults and daily high/low values
  • Stand-alone or SCADA operation
  • Support for a wide variety of communication hardware and software protocols
  • Sophisticated power supply/battery system
  • Compatible with the IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System
  • Easy-to-use IntelliLink® Remote Setup Software

6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls can be applied with S&C overhead and underground switching and protection equipment including:

6800 Series Controls can also be applied with certain non-S&C-manufactured overhead switching and protection equipment including:

  • Cooper GWC Sectionalizers
  • Cooper F Switches
  • Cooper VFI Vacuum Fault Interrupters, and
  • Joslyn VBM Vacuum Switches

S&C offers a wide variety of communications hardware options and software protocols for our Switch Controls. Note that not all options are available with all configurations of Switch Controls. Check with your local S&C representative to discuss communications hardware and protocol availability for your specific application. The hardware options include:

  • MDS — Microwave Data Systems
  • Fiber optic transceivers
  • WiMax transceivers
  • Other communication devices are available.

Radios and modems may be factory-mounted inside most controls to save on installation costs. Protocol options include DNP 3.0.

You can upgrade the protocols in the field using IntelliLink® Remote Setup Software, the Windows®-based program for interfacing with the control locally. This gives you a simple migration path to new protocol implementations.