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The Micro-AT Source-Transfer Control was specifically developed for automatic source transfer, and it is very easy to configure. No personal computer (PC) is needed. But with a PC, users can download events from the control’s optional communications card.

Remote indication and control functions are also available on the Micro-AT control. If communication to SCADA is required, a separate remote terminal unit must be furnished.

This control continuously monitors the condition of both power sources and initiates automatic switching when the preferred source voltage has been lost (or reduced to a predetermined level) for a period of time sufficient to confirm the loss is not transient. The switch associated with the preferred source is automatically opened and the alternate-source switch is then automatically closed, restoring power to all loads.

Micro-AT Source-Transfer Control has all the features you need for reliable, programmed automatic transfer on your primary-selective system . . . plus options to bring you the ultimate in control circuitry.

Micro-AT Source-Transfer Control